Portfolio en technnologies de l'informationPortfolio en médecine
Creation-coordination of online professional services
Coordinator of new technologies in education,
CPD followed by the CPASS Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal (Qc, Canada)
  • Purchase & assembly of server material
  • Systems administration:
    • Linux Redhat AS, Fedora : installation, configuration, security, updates, automatic backups, user account management…
    • Hardware management: needs assessment, Internet server component updates, connection to internal network or university intranet…
  • Coordination of a team of programmers, a graphic designer and casual interns, according to project needs.
Online since 2003 and offering services to a multinational clientele (North-America, Australia, Europe…)
Coordinator of Virtual Health Campus project
From 2003 to 2005, on behalf of the CPD Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal (Qc, Canada)
Consortium consisting of the University of Montreal, McGill University, University of Laval, Sherbrooke University and UQAM, creating a unique online portal designed for continuing studies in the healthcare field.
  • IT needs assessment in the Faculties of medicine
  • Assessment of new technologies in the e-learning market
  • Human and technological resource assessment in view of the creation and implementation of yet-nonexistent technological tools
Installation-customization of Open-Source software
Numerous projects online since 2003: hosts at CPASS & CPD, integration, personalization, and freeware (OpenSource) online support, collaboration, CMS, surveying…
Technologies used:
  • PHP, MySQL, JAVA, Perl …
  • Various interfaces with system environment: sendmail, gzip, image editor…
  • Online since 2004
  • The concept of Self-Assessment Programs is approved by the Royal College of Specialist Physicians of Canada:
    • Helps in detecting certain weaknesses or updates necessary in personal knowledge
    • Refers to literature, training opportunities…
  • A collaboration with the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia of the Canadian Society of Anesthesiology
  • More information
  • Technologies: object-oriented Perl, MySQL, sendmail, gzip, Gd Graphics Library (libgd)
  • Online since 2005:
  • The Script Concordance Test explores clinical reasoning in contexts of uncertainty:
    • Authentic complex professional contexts (various possible solutions…)
    • Assessment is essentially based on answers provided by members of a reference panel in the field studied
  • Some included features:
    • Multimedia file management: image redimensioning-compression, Flash® and other video and audio formats
    • Export-import of all data (MS-Excel spreadsheets, files & folders, reports…)
    • Re-usability of pedagogical content
  • Possibility to combine printed SCT data with an online editor, as well as using MS-EXCEL
  • Technologies used: object-oriented Perl, MySQL, sendmail, gzip, Gd Graphics Library (libgd)
Other variant of software used in continuing studies in medicine:
  • CME Memorial of the Newfoundland
In progress:
  • API to direct the SCT (and other technological services of CPASS) using remote software (for instance: via partner universities)
  • Technologies used: "Web services" based on JAVA-SOAP-XML.
  • Online since 2005:
  • 1st internet tool with pedagogical purposes analyzing participant interaction on image:
    • Perception: candidates must first detect a radiological anomaly (interactive images)
    • Association: secondly, they must associate to it a radiological semiology
  • The system provides for both automated and manual corrections (with professor supervision)
  • Technologies used: JAVA Servlet & JSP (Object oriented), MySQL
  • Online from 2008 to 2009
  • Online self-registration system designed for professors and medical residents seeking to acquire pedagogical experience
  • Included features:
    • Auto-confirmation by e-mail
    • Data export to MS-Excel format
    • e-newsletter of available training
    • Reminder e-mails to registered participants
  • Technologies used: Perl (object orientd), MySQL, sendmail, gzip
The communities of practice Online
  • Online since 2004:
  • Web platform supporting the concept of Communauties of practice (knowledge exchanges, joint objectives, inter-professional collaboration…)
  • Various services such as collective and private virtual libraries, forums, e-mail…
  • Structured data export: ZIP containing folders and files
  • Technologies used: object-oriented Perl, MySQL, sendmail, gzip
  • Online since 2006
  • Web platforms supporting research concepts of the QUARISMA project
    (far-reaching research project on the provincial scale assessing the quality of obstetric care, obstetric and delivery mode risk management)
  • Increased system security: SSL connexion, personalized interface for user groups, inter-user and inter-group data partitioning
  • Remote assistance to various parties (physicians, nurses…)
  • Training and information support: virtual libraries, dynamic web pages
  • Data export into HTML, MS-Excel and associated file folders
  • e-mail, activity and progress reports…
  • Technologies used: object-oriented Perl, MySQL, sendmail, gzip
  • Project finalized in 2003
  • Arose out of a collaboration with continuing education center in medicine at AventisCanada & the CPD Faculty de medicine, University de Montreal
  • Online training modules with assessment tests targeting the most effective training tool for brief continuing education sessions: audio-conferencing, CD-ROM, printed material…
  • Participants are informed via e-mail at various stages of their training process
    (pre-evaluation, immediate then later post-evaluation)
  • Results compilation with cross-referencing on biographical information, geographical context…
  • Data export onto CSV format (text)
  • Technologies used: Perl (object-oriented), sendmail, gzip
Academic projects DESI & au DIRO of the university of Montreal
  • Client-server chatting systems in Java managing 3 connection technologies:
    • Desktop software using Java Swing allowing the use of Socket & RMI connection
    • or via an Internet browser (client-side) and Servlet (server-side)
  • Desktop software for Web search and file sharing
    (client-server system replicating the popular Napster software model)